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Adding a user that is specified by another user to a list

Hi All,

Context. A user creates a list of cars, when creating this list they specify the email of a secondary user who should be able to see this list and then change it.

Currently, I have my database set up such that the unique ID associated to each list of cars that a user has personally set up is added to a list of list of cars on the user table. A repeating group then on the home screen looks to this list of list of cars and shows the user the lists of cars they are connected with.

I want to be able to enable the secondary user to see the lists that they are involved in but it’s not working.

I have tried at the point of first creating the list of cars, adding the unique ID of the list to secondary users list of list of cars field but it’s not working. How would you do it?

To connect the list of cars to the secondary user I am doing the following:
Step 1 create the list of cars which includes list name and secondary users email
Thing to change… Search for Users:first item (the search is type User and the constraint is email equals email input by the current user i.e. secondary users email)
Then in change another field, I have list of list of cars add results of step 1

Either the search is returning nothing, or the adding the results of step 1 is not working because the list is never added to the secondary users list of list of cars.



Solution is here: Adding a user to a list of users based on a common field type - #2 by mikeloc

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The key is that the User table is locked down by default; a user can only see their own record. It’s not a recommend privacy practice to allow users to see each others’ email, because of the ubiquity of spam-bots. The best practice is to allow users to specify a public username that other users can search. Remember to check off the “everyone can see this field” box for the public username.

Thanks @aaronsheldon i’ll keep that in mind.