Adding a user to a list of users based on a common field type

Buildng a social media type of a tool:

I’m essentially trying to make sure that two users who have selected the same school are on each other’s lists.

I have created list field called same-school under he Usertype User, and I want any user who is in the same school to be added to this list . All users have a field called School (Text Field) which can be drop down selected while signing.

I tried using the following workflow on signup - make changes to a list > Type of things: User

List to change> Search for users > Type: User
School=Current User’s School

Then I added the following in the main window:
Same School add currentuser

this works great to add the user to his own list.

when I tried the following

SameSchool addlist search for >User, >School = current user’s School

to add the user to other user’s lists, / add other users to the curren’t user’s list, it’s not helping. I know I’m missing something here.

I’ve been breaking my head for hours. I’m sure there is an easy solution out there.

Hi there, @itsmecalebv… check the privacy rules on your User data type. There could be a rule in place that is getting in the way.


Holy Molly!!! That did the trick! removed the privacy rules and it worked… Damn! Thanks much… Appreciate it.

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My pleasure, @itsmecalebv… happy to help! Keep in mind, though, that privacy rules are important, so consider putting one or more rules in place that enable the functionality you want while still keeping your data secure. There is a lot of good content out here about privacy rules, so definitely check it out.


Makes sense. Will do! Thanks Mike.

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