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Adding an action to stop and exit the current workflow

Hello all,
It would be very nice to have an action that could cancel and exit the current workflow, just as it does when some workflow action failed.
This would be very useful in many cases.

For instance, we usually have to set up some verifications before doing an action.
If a user want to rent a flat, we could first check if he has confirmed is email, then if he has a profile picture, if we have his address, if he registered a payment method, and so on…
If one of these check fails, we could want to perform a specific action, such as showing a popup, but not execute the following steps of the workflow (or we would have multiple popups for each fail).
And since these verifications are critical, we do not want to duplicate them to handle all possible cases, but only have one global workflow.
Being able to cancel a workflow on some conditional, and even raise an error as some actions do, would enable that :slight_smile:

Also, it seems not clear to me which action and which specific cases might top a running workflow. For instance, if I modify a thing to set one field to the first item of a search result, and the search returns an empty list, does it stop the workflow ? THere are many other cases like this, and the documentation does not seem to mention especially which case can cancel a workflow.

Whats about using conditions like the only when.

It could work indeed, but it would become intractable if you have dozen of verification steps, you would need to duplicate these conditional not only for the verification steps but also for each following actions, and the conditional expression would grow quickly…

Having a way to stop a workflow when a condition is reached would also provide much more flexibility

Just adding to the discussion.

Oh I didn’t see that post ! (I search before posting for “stop” and “cancel” workflows but didn’t think of “break” :slight_smile: )