Adding an Animate workflow is making my header wonky


I have this strange problem. In an attempt to mimic as best I can a traditional menu slide in my app, I am using the animate an element workflow. As an example, I have a button for users to add data into a dataset. When they click “Add”, the main container data slides left/out and hides and another container that has the data form in it slides right in and shows. I’ve put a quick time on it (100ms) and it looks like I’ve achieved a decent version of a slide.

However, for some reason this slide is making my floating header wonky. When I test the app on my desktop or ipad it looks fine, but on my android phone when I click “Add” the header stretches out (as if it’s being pulled like taffy) and becomes, for a lack of a better word, flexible in that I can suddenly scroll to the left and right. The weird thing is this stretch isn’t consistent. Sometime it stretches more, sometimes less, and occasionally it doesn’t stretch at all.

Can anyone help me with this strange predicament?

It will be very hard to help you without having access to your editor or a lot of images showing the issue… Maybe a video… Don’t know. But you have to help us here :sweat_smile: