Adding an object to a list of objects within another object

I have an object A which contains a list, named LoB, of objects of type B. I assume that when A is initialized that LoB is empty?
When a certain condition occurs in object A, I display a popup where the user can enter the fields to create an object of type B. How do I add the newly created object of type B to LoB in object A?
Should I be trying to “Create a new thing” and then “Make changes to a thing” and then “Make changes to a list of things”?


Hey @chait,

You should have a field in Object A database table which would be named something like ‘Object of Type B’ > Type of field is ‘Object A’ and click the checkbox for list.

The ‘create a new thing’ should be done when (that certain condition occurs)

As for your question in regards to adding a newly created object of type B to LoB in Object A, you would simply make changes to thing, and choose Object A add (whatever the popup values names are).

Hope this helps.

Hi @lantzgould, ah okay got it! Thanks so much!

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