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Adding an XML Sitemap

I’m trying to add an XML sitemap to our app… Does anyone have any advice / best practices on this? Thanks!

So we don’t support this yet, can you request it in the Features Lab so that it’s on our public list?

Can you use one of the online tools to generate the sitemap, and then embed it on the bubble page ?

Hello !

I’m trying to do SEO stuff on my website, like h1 or Sitemap.

What could i do for now ? And when can we have SEO plug-in like Yoast ?

See you at the family next week :slight_smile:


Hi Armand,

As far as I know, up to day you can do the following :

  • complete page title and metadescription on page settings
  • use metatags on your app settings (but for the moment it concerns the whole app)
  • spiders like googlebot recognizes your content even if some seo tools like traffic travis, woorank, etc. don’t seem to recognize it

If your activity is linked to products, articles, etc. you can also set up your Google Search Console for your app, create some rich snippets script in GSC and paste it to the page html header

Other tips:

  • named your page as the following : instead of
  • be carefull with page type of content : at the beginning our whole app pages type were defined as “user” so it generated a lot of urls with different ids => it can be considered as duplicated content by google
  • names your photos with clear description and no accent prior to download them (accents are quite commun in French ;))
  • I personnaly use tinypng website for saving up to 75% photos weight (page loading and your app performance are also a SEO factor)

As content is still the king for SEO in 2016, you can also use some semantic content analyzer like It can help you to optimize your semantic content :wink:

For XML sitemap, robots.txt, h1, h2 tags, etc. I have already requested these features for a while now but maybe a plugin like Yoast can be an easier and faster option to implement :smile:

Feel free to comment my post or adding some tips! :smiley:


Merci beaucoup pour les astuces ! That’s a very good start for now.

I don’t have tips for you yet but I hope that day will come :grin: