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Adding beta users for a manager-direct report app

Howdy everybody, I’m opening up my next application to beta users as we speak and thought I’d check with the community to see if it could be of use to some of you. This application is intended to strengthen the relationship between employees and their managers. It’s currently called managerManager, and can be found at

The name is silly, but I owned the domain already and wanted to get something out asap. I manage 7 people at my real job, so this app was originally built for my needs, and am looking for feedback from other managers (or people who have managers). If you sign up on the site, then post here (or DM me) that you’re a Bubbler, I’ll get you sent to the front of the line for access.


I like the name :slight_smile:
It’s like a manager for managers.

One thing I saw was the favicon is still the bubble one, might want to update it.


I manage a massive work force and would love to see how this can help with my day-to-day engagements or lack-there-of. I’ll sign up now.


@john3 ha, yep. The original tag line I had was about helping managers manage, but after some initial testing, the value proposition about helping communication and transparency turned out to be much stronger for the potential buyers.

@1danielbaker cool! The big picture for this app is to make sure stakeholders have an accurate pulse on their team so issues can be addressed before they spiral out of control. Quick example: one of the features we have is a daily “How are you feeling?” question that the employees respond with a simple emotion choice. Too many negative responses in a set time period will trigger an alert to the manager inviting them to check out what’s going on. In my experience, employees don’t suddenly decide they have a problem…it builds over time and I often don’t know about it until it’s too late.


This is an interesting idea. Gonna check it out.

Such a brilliant idea!

I love the name!
Repeition works. Repeition works.

Thanks for the interest everybody. I’ve got a big update coming this coming week, so I’m holding off on adding you all to the system until that update goes live. In the mean time, I’m happy to answer any questions about the product-side of the house, people management, or myself in general.

Quick update for those who care: I’m hammering out this app over the next 3 days for the MVP launch. I got distracted with a lot of life stuff, but took a week off of work to get this (and ready to go. You’ll all be notified when it’s live!

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