Adding Bullet Point Lists on the Front End


If you take a look at this website, you’ll see that the features for the car are listed in bullet points, as well as a “checkmark” version for the more important ones.

I was wondering how I could incorporate this into my bubble site as such:
The user ads as many features as they like, and the website automatically places a bullet point or a “checkmark” bullet point (or any other icon of my choice) in front.

(The user would upload it on their dashboard, and consumers would see it on a repeating group on a different page)

I’d also like to know how to have a max and a min for them.

Here’s the actual website, if you want it. Just scroll down and hit “more details”

Many options but here are a couple:

  1. Group an icon and text together

  2. You can use [fa]icon name[/fa] (font awesome) standard with bubble in text.