Adding button from the Bubble Homepage to Bubble Forums

Is there a button there somewhere on Bubble homepage to take me
directly to Bubble forum?

Haven’t found one… Would be good to have one.

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Yes, on the footer of that page.

Thank you for letting me know @johnny! @Bubble, may I suggest to place the forum button in a more prominent place like e.g. on the header somewhere, perhaps between “Academy” and the blue “Menu” button …


Yeah, I’d agree with that. Something more prominent

Hi @Bubble, I find it very convenient with forum button (attached screenshot) being placed in the header - no need to scroll somewhere down to the footer trying to find the small link there somewhere, or type the forum url, the prominently located button just invites you to click it. It would especially be useful for regular forum members, as well as encouraging others to visit the forum more frequently. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world, but I would consider it a sensible improvement.

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