Adding Calendar date and Days

Needed Help!!!
I have a doubt I wanted to add two fields one is calendar date 22/06/2022 and Other field is days which is a Numeric value 60 days. My output field should show a date with adds this two field 22/08/2022.
Eg : 1) Todays date : 22/06/2022 2) Number of days to complete the project: 60days
3) Output : Todays date + 60 days = 22/08/20222
How to achieve this?

Hi there, @damodar.dyapur… if I understand your post correctly, it should be as simple as something like the following screenshot, and you could replace Current date/time and/or the hardcoded 60 with a dynamic value.


Hope this helps.


I got It. Thanks a A lot!!!

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