Adding Codepen with Babel (JS) as Website Hero not loading

Hi there,

I found this Codepen VIEW HERE but am unable to get the JS part working for the Hero to be placed in an HTML element.

I took the HTML and added the “style tag” for the CSS to it and place the script tag on the top with the code that is in the Babel (JS) part.

It does not seem to work or load…And I can’t seem to figure it out. I know there is one library involved so not sure how to add the source of it to the HTML. A simple <script src “”> does not work.

Can anyone help out? Really want to get the hang of this :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Try to add the following one on a Page’s header:
<script src=""></script>

In short, this library should be initialized before when you’re trying to use it.
If you use it before initialization, you will have errors.

Also, please user your browser’s console to manage errors.


Tried to add it but got this error:


I added the script in the page header bit it still does not work…


Do you have time to look at it?

Thank you!

It works now. Check it out, please.

The problem is that you cannot use the HTML header on a free plan.
So, in that case, you need to place the JS code of the library.

Perfect, thank you so much! So if I have a paid app I can just add the source link in the header of the page?

You’re welcome!


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