Adding comments to a Membership Directory

I am creating a church directory and I am wanting our staff to be able to access that same directory but make inidvidual notes / comments about inidvidual members that are only viewable by the current user or creator of that note.

It seems like the concept would be similiar to adding a comment to a blog article but the current user is only seeing his own comments.

I have created “Person” as a Type with all of the related fields (i.e. name, email, ,phone, etc.)

What is the best approach to adding comments to each person that only the current user sees.

Thanks for your time.

Maybe check out something around the Privacy again

If you have Roles defined, each ‘thing’ has a its own privacy and ‘allow auto binding’ settings per role and per field. So do review these.

And/Or, check if you have ‘Conditions’ on elements, that may restrict visibility. But am guessing that these could only be restrictions related to the ‘Author’ of the thing. From my experience with bubble so far, I believe you would have had to have made such Conditions specifically, yourself. I have not yet encountered any default restrictions on visibility to current author.

Only in Privacy settings - These start off as unavailable to every role, unless made available through Privacy/Role/Thing.

Dunno if any of this helps as I am a new user. And sorry, I don’t feel qualified to propose the ‘best approach’ to anything. However, with the problem is as described around visibility for some, then the above is what I would suggest.

Finally - Using ‘Inspect’ in preview/debug mode, as well as reading those little red messages and Issues in editor mode, are impressively instructive.

Also - not sure why you had to make a ‘Person’. Is that role or a thing? By using User ‘thing’, you can use the autogenerated ‘author’ field in some way. Unless you wanted to change or have multiple authors, in which case, yes you would need to make another field and do some workflows and stuff.

Good luck.