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Adding Custom Font

I am having an issue with uploading custom fonts. I have been following this string, [Solved] Help adding font, but I am getting an error, “Invalid: Gotham Black could not be loaded”.

  1. I have uploaded the Gotham Black font into bubble and received this address (per the instructions, I have added the https:),

  2. I have taken this and created the Gotham Black.css file.
    @font-face { font-family: ‘Gotham Black’; src: url(''); }

  3. I have uploaded this new css file into bubble, //

  4. I have pasted this value into Bubble’s CSS file path field and entered the name Gotham Black into the Font name field.

  5. When I click on the Add Font button, I get “Invalid: Gotham Black could not be loaded”.

What am I missing? Thanks!

Hello, and sorry to hear about this trouble with your font! Would you mind submitting a bug report so that our team could look into this for you?

It seems to have resolved itself.