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Adding data across types to a text element in a repeating group

So problem #2 of the day. Trying to make it so that I can auto generate links for the advertising company I’m at. Here’s some pics

I got it to the point where I can get the ad link into the string of text, but for whatever reason I can’t get the name of the creator in the string of text at the end. I have the data set up so that advertisements is able to access creators data and I tried the inverse as well, but as soon as I go over to try and and access data from the other type, nothing shows up where the name should be (at the end) or where the link should be (in the middle). I need to figure this out and then figure out how to sift through different advertisments to pick out different links. If you can help with both that’s dope, if just the first. Also dope! Thank you!

Did you set privacy rules to those datatypes?

How do you do that? Got a video that can discuss this?

Check the privacy rules as maheshkasindi said and to run off privacy matters try to use the creator’s unique id instead.
Ideally, I think you should have a magic link or some unique URL without any direct relation with individuals.