Adding date into comment from pop up


I am having trying to figure out if this is something I can do. I have a repeating group on my main page, and when you click on a text in that repeating group, it opens a pop up for that specific data point in the data base. It has all the info on it, and looks like this:

On the bottom, I have added a comments section which is a repeating group that shows all the comments for this patient. I also have a section where we can log a call and add a new comment which looks like this.

Is there a way I can have that date put in front of the comment when it is in the repeating group above the log a call section? I can’t figure out how to tie a date to a comment and not sure if there is even a way to do this.

When you save the comment to a field as text just add the current date and time formatted the way you want it to show before it. So if in my input I type “here is a new comment”, then I would save it as Current date/time :formatted :append " - " :append input’s value.

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