Adding friends and defining privacy rules

I’m trying to get some data content to display on a page two different repeating groups. One repeating group has content from every user who made their content “public” and the other is content of “friends”.

I thought maybe setting the a state of the page to a custom state of private, friends or public and when someone clicks the text it sets the correct state. Then when the button on that page to create a new thing is clicked it will input the data as private, public or friends based on the text that was clicked. But Im wondering if someone clicks one public then changes their mind and clicks on friends, will it input the data of both?

If so, whats a better way to achieve the same result?

Heres what the selection tab looks like…
Screen Shot 2022-09-03 at 12.15.09 AM

I wouldn’t use custom states for this, instead create an option set called “content-type” and have 3 options, private, public and friends. When a button is clicked you Make changes to the User and set the option set to the desired result. This means that they can only ever be on one option and never more.

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Ok I’ll try that. Sense the users data is private, what would the privacy rule be for allowing users name and profile photo to display when someone becomes friends or when something is marked public?

I’m not too confident with privacy yet, but you can show to users only when the option is public or friends. What I have done in my app is to have conditions on the page so in your case, if a user wants to click a button to go to a page which is private, that button can have a condition which is Only when current users “content-type” is not private. Of course you will have to change it to suit your exact requirements but that is the kind of things I’ve done. It is worth doing both, having a condition AND privacy rules.