Adding Google Reviews

Has anyone integrated the ability for a user to add a Google review for a place from inside an app?

Love to chat!


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Hi @chaddickson83 - I’m not sure I understand what you need. However, I have experience integrating the Google Business Profile APIs, including the ability to retrieve and reply to reviews from multiple locations.

What exactly do you need help with?

Thanks @oliviercoolen

I will have business sign up to the app and add their google review link.

I want users to be able to post a google review from inside the app.

I’m not sure that’s possible actually- I might be wrong tho. But as far as I know, the actual review will always be written in Google’s environment, meaning you’ll have to redirect a reviewer to that link.

You might be able to use iFrames if Google allows it. Or potentially open a small popup-window with some JavaScript to create a more “in-app-like” behavior.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking.