Adding "groups" to Multiselect Dropdown

So I am using the multiselect dropdown plugin to list all possible users. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a way to have groups of users. I could then select multiple groups “Team A” and “Team B” and also be able to choose “John Doe” and “Jessica Doe”


I locate “All users” group, and that will essentially be a shortcut for all possible users.

My only thought would be to essentially create a mock user, and then when that user is selected it would also send to xyz users, just seems awkward to use.

Hey there. That seems like it would be pretty beneficial for admin dashboards or similar. You might be able to create a new data type and call it user-groups. And have a field for the name and a field for a list of users. Then you can assign users to that group. And have the dropdown look for the user-groups data type. However according to your example you will then need two dropdowns. One for specific users and one for user-groups. I dont think it would be possible to combine them. Like one dropdown show

user group 1
user group 2
user group 3
user3 etc

Tagging along here to also see what options others can come up with.

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I’ll have a look tomorrow and see what I can come up with, not too sure though.