Adding hard return (and space) to list of links?

Hi there, my app has “Reports” and each report has a list of links (URLs). I’m using a text box to print these and would like to improve the UX by adding a hard return and one line of space after each link. The comma isn’t enough. Can someone help out…thanks

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 5.08.53 PM

Hi there, @hibubble… is there a reason you need to use a text element? If you use a repeating group, you can easily display the links in separate cells by using the list as the repeating group’s data source.

If you do want/need to use a text element, try using the :format as text operator, set the content to show as This text, and make the delimiter a line break (literally press the Enter key in that field).

Hope this helps.


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This is exactly what I needed, thanks @mikeloc !

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