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Adding More Than One Image Field To Carousel/Slideshow

Is it possible to use more than one “Image Field” when setting up a carousel/slideshow in a repeating group? Currently my database is set up with each row as an entry and for reach entry there are 6 columns that contain images associated with the entry. When I go to set up my slideshow in the repeating group, I can only chose one Image Field even though I have 6.

Am I setting this up wrong or is there a way I can set up the slideshow to include all 6 image fields?

Here’s my setup so far:

Two ways to make this work off the top of my head:

  1. Instead of having 1 image in a separate field, you could have 1 field that is a LIST of images, so that they are all contained in 1 field and the carousel displays all from that 1 field.

  2. Make the images their own data type. Have 1 image field and 1 field to link the Apartment so that when you’re on a specific apartment page, your images search would be “search for apartment pictures: apartment = this page’s apartment”

Apartment Picture

  • Image (image)
  • Apartment (Apartment)

For the carousel, type of image = Apartment Picture
Data source = Search for Apartment Pictures (this will return every image in the database, otherwise, use the apartment constraint mentioned above)
Image field = Image

So, for every new image added, you’d create a new Apartment Picture with the Apartment value as well.

Would either of these work for you?

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Thanks for the response! I think the first option is probably preferable. How do I create a list of images in one field though? I think I thought of this initially but I’m not sure how to get a group of images related to one entry in just one field. Does the list of images require me to set up another data type?

You’ll need to create a new field in the same data type, set it to image type, and check the list box.

Hmm for some reason, when I do that, the images field is not showing up in the drop down as an option for Image Field. Here’s how it’s set up - just chose Pic1 S3 for now which is pulling Pic1 S3 for all entries:

I appreciate the help!

This is how you’ll want to set it up because the carousel is in each cell, you just want that cell’s image list. I know your database doesn’t have this field filled, but try it out - add some images to this field and you’ll see each carousel show the appropriate list of images per apartment.

I think the issue I am having is getting the Image List to contain all the images in the columns following it (Pic1 S3 through Pic6 S3). I thought by making the Image List a “List of Images” when I set up the data type it would automatically group the Pic1 S3 through Pic6 S3 into that column. Is that not the case? If not, how can I get the pictures in the Pic columns into my Image List column - would I need to create a workflow to add it?

Ah, I see what you were expecting, no, you’ll need to transfer all those images to the single field with a workflow. So, I went ahead and did this for you. Check out your API workflow: transfer_image. I ran that on the database, and I also removed your RG conditions so that you can see everything working (sorry, was easier for me to test, so you’ll need to add those back).

EDIT: So, for new images, you’ll add to that field…

Oh ok got it, this was really helpful. Thanks!

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Hi! I’m trying to use the same example, I believe I programmed everything correctly, but without success. The Slide does not work with the Image List. What can it be?

hey @wesley2 can you share screenshots of how you set it up? I’d also be happy to take a look at your app if you want to share the link.

I finally managed to solve it. I had to change my list in the bank to List_file. And in the slideshow I used s’Url to read the list.

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Hi there, I am having the exact same problem - could you assist?


hey @michelle2 , were you able to figure this out? If not, what’s the error message you are getting for the Data Source field?