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Adding multiple attachments to a form submission before submitting it

I’d like to allow users to add multiple attachments to a form submission. In the form, they click the attachment button (the repeating group off to the left will display the pictures uploaded after they attach them):

The attachment button (above) creates a dropdown as shown here:

After the user clicks the “attach” button above, my app enters these images in a Thing called “Attachments”, but has no way of associating the Attachments with the form submission (the form will create an entry in a “Location” Thing) until they click this submit button to create a Location entry:

My question is: how can I attach multiple pictures to a form submission before submitting it (i.e. before creating a Thing entry to which the attachments can be associated)?

You could create a field on the user to store the uploaded images, then remove them after the attachment is created. It’s basically a holding area that is only populated while editing the attachment entry.


That did the trick, thank you @potentialthings. I set it up so that it deletes the field on the user if they click the “x” and also when the reload the form (assuming they did not click the x and clicked outside of the popup ) so that any rougue attachments are deleted when the form is loaded.

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Quick question on deleting the scratch. Bubble is giving me an error “To delete should be anything saveable but right now it is a file.”

Does deleting a thing not apply to file uploads?

did this work out?

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