Adding multiple constraints breaks drop down menu

So I’m making a way for an admin to assign activities to either themselves or to a “subadmin” someone who has less authority on the site. There is a drop down menu that is suppose to allow you to choose from a list of admin and “subadmin” users, with the logged in user being the default entry.

For some reason when there is only the search constraint of “Admin = “yes”” it works fine, as seen in the following 2 images:


However, if I add a second constraint to the search, it makes the drop down blank, so the functionality doesn’t work as seen below:


…This is pretty strange behavior. Any thoughts?

There is an implicit AND between each of the search constraints (aside from when a constraint value is empty, in which case the constraints aren’t applied and all rows are retrieved).

So for your constraint, the search wants to return users that have both Admin and SubAdmin.

You’ll probably want the advanced constraint to check for Admin OR SubAdmin.

FYI consider assigning roles or groups rather than a subadmin, it is a more flexible approach. There’s plenty of forum posts on that topic.

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Thanks for the reply and advice. I’ll look into the more flexible approach you’ve recommended. In the meantime can you please provide me a little clarification? You said “You’ll probably want the advanced constraint to check for Admin OR SubAdmin”.

How do a do an “advanced constraint”? I’m not familiar with this concept…

Add a constraint, scroll down to the bottom to see the advanced option, you should get more control over the expressions.

Hopefully someone else will jump in with more help, I’m half asleep atm …

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The above images are showing that the advance constraint worked. Thanks for your help. It took a while for me to figure out that it should be “this user” because I was confusing it with whoever the logged in user is.

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