Adding new field boxes without creating (yet) in database

So, I have a page where I add new items in-app by clicking a button, but without yet saving the entire data. Each click on the button “Add Item”, what I intend to do is for the page/system to create new field boxes, where I can encode information for each item. When all of the items that I have created, and encoded, are completed, I intend to create a button to save all of these, at a time, in the database.

I am contemplating on the best way to do that. Is this a custom state function?

Yes, I would say that if you don’t want to add the items to the database as you go, custom state lists is your only option. When eventually you’re ready to save all elements to the database, create a backend workflow that creates a “thing” of the data type you’re looking to create, and schedule an API Workflow on the custom state’s list.

Do you have a recommended resource on how to do this?

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