Adding new items to nested list

I have a workflow where I am trying to add a new ‘wisdom’ to an existing ‘source’, where wisdom is a list of items within ‘source’. I see no logical fallacies in the workflow below, and when I run the debugger everything seems to be working correctly, but the items never get added to the source.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi zach,

I think you are looking for a different workflow action in step 2:

Make changes to thing: (The source)
List of wisdoms add: Result of step 1.

(Your current workflow is just changing the list but not adding the thing you created to the sources list of wisdoms)

To be able to access the right source, I have this step inside a group with that source.

Here are some screens from a workflow where someone adds a comment to a post, and everyone associated gets a notification. (So the post is like your source and I was referring to step 3 of that workflow)
Hope this helps and is what you wanted.