Adding Notes only Current User can see

Hey everyone!
Wondering if anyone can provide some insight into how to properly structure my data types and database to allow users to include notes on items that only they can see. I’ve read pretty much every forum post on here about that but they don’t quite do what I’m looking for. Here’s my general structure:
-I have a directory of Brands that you can filter based on certain criteria.
-Current User can save a Brand to their Pitch Tracker.

-Current User has a field Saved Brands which is a list of Brands.
-When Current User navigates to their Pitch Tracker, they see a RG of their Saved Brands.
-When Current User then clicks on a Brand, they can still see the brand info but now there is a new tab which allows them to save a Last Contacted date and a Rich text Note field.

-I have a data type Pitch Note which includes a Brand (Brand), Last Contacted (date), Note Content (text).

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 3.06.21 PM

-Should I include my list of Pitch Notes under type Brand or under type User?
-When Current User is viewing a specific Brand from their Saved Brands list in the Pitch Tracker, I only want to display their specific note information. How can I do a search to pull the right Pitch Note?

My intuition tells me that I want to have a conditional to find the right Pitch Note like “Current User’s Pitch Notes’ Brand intersect with Parent group’s Brand’s Name is empty”

I also know I need to add the Pitch Note information to the Current User, similar to this I think?
Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 3.05.01 PM
Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 3.05.07 PM

Finally, I guess once I have the correct Pitch Note being referenced in the Parent Group, I’ll just be able to reference the following for initial content on the date, for example?

I know this may be a little confusing and I’d be so appreciative if anyone has any ideas!

Thank you,

Hey @jnm528, thanks for taking the time to add details and screenshots, really helps to understand

As you have referenced the Brand data type in your Pitch Note, it makes sense to include it under User. So the User would have a list of Pitch Notes, each referencing a Brand

You could do Current User’s Pitch Notes:filtered with Brand = Parent group’s Brand

Hope this helps

Thanks so much for the quick response, @ambroisedlg! That was also a thought I had, but when I do that, the search returns a list of Pitch Notes vs just one Pitch Note I need?


@jnm528 you could add :first item after :filtered to take the first item of that list

That will work if you only allow one Pitch Note per User per Brand. Is that the case?

That is the case so I just tried that. The behavior is a little strange because the note data persists even when navigating to another Brand.

Can you view this? Check out in Elements Tree > Popup Saved Brand > Group Tab 2 content

I’m not sure why it does that to be honest, but you might want to try switching those steps:

Actually I found the issue:


You’re trying to match a text (“Name”) with a Thing (Brand). This field should be Parent Group’s Brand

Hmm thanks for catching that, @ambroisedlg! Fixed that but didn’t seem to do the trick. I have a feeling I may not be saving the data to the Pitch Note correctly. Did that workflow look correct to you?

The reason I don’t think it’s adding it correctly is I added a condition to change the “Save Pitch Notes” button to a green background/change the text to “Saved!” when “Current User’s Pitch Note contains Parent group’s Pitch note” and that is not working…

Paging @mikeloc - any thoughts on this one? :pray:

Hey there, @jnm528… after reading through the thread, I focused on what you said about not saving the pitch note correctly, and I think that’s the issue. The only workflow I can see for saving a pitch note has its first step making changes to a pitch note rather than creating a new pitch note. Right now, there are no records in your pitch note data type (which would explain why your search/filter isn’t finding anything)… have you been trying to create pitch notes using that button/workflow?


Great catch, @mikeloc! I changed that workflow and confirmed the data is now being added as a Pitch Note! Although not sure that’s quite doing the trick yet in terms of displaying it as Initial Content. I suppose I need another workflow in the event a user wants to edit an existing Pitch Note. Hmmm.