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Adding Number from Dropdown to Custom States List of Numbers

I have a two dropdowns in a repeating group and i want to get the number from it and add it to a custom states list of numbers. Duplicates number won’t add to the list, for example if dropdown One value is 1 and dropdown Two value is also 1, the number 1 is only added to the list once. How can I get both values to add to the list even though they may be the same?

Continuing the discussion from Set state: add numbers to a list of numbers:

States don’t like duplicates.

You can do it with string concatenation and regex.

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@ljrartlover Have you looked at the multiselect element? That will probably fix your issue.
If not, another suggestion could be to use different numbers per dropdown, or positive and negative numbers, or as @jared.gibb mentioned, you could convert it to texts.

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