Adding Numbers to group

Hey guys,

I am very new to bubble (a few hours) and i’ve done a couple of the lessons so I tried to make a new app. I want a user to be able to input an order number into an input box and when the click the submit button it adds it to the group (or whatever element I need to be able to display data). What I’ve got is. "When button is clicked, add new order = Number. Number = “Input Order Numbers Data” —> “Display data in Group Order”. But when the button is clicked, it doesn’t add the data into the element

Keep going. The concepts that you describe are mixed up.

  • Inputs hold values
  • Groups house elements where values can be inputted (example … input elements) or displayed (example text elements housed in a group)
  • Buttons can be clicked and perform an action (example > click a button to update an order’s field of type number with the input value which is a number

I’ve made some changes, it now adds the number into the first 2 rows. It’s not what I want but its a start but when I go to clear the number input it then removes the numbers in the group, it isn’t saving the numbers. Is there a way I can share this project to show?

There are various ways to learn Bubble. You are doing it by doing which is great.

I recommend that you complement it with watching sound instructional content. Below a couple of great resources: channel in You Tube
Coaching No Code Apps in You Tube

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