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Adding "OR" to element selection - in workflow blocks?

My design has it so that several elements perform the same action
(a good use case is opening a “User’s profile”)

I have created a custom workflow to simplify – but if the “OR” option was available when referring to an element; I would be able to condense 4 workflow blocks into 1 single block.

Not sure how this would effect performance, or even if other users would find it useful?.. But I do know that it would clean up my workflow page.

(not too big of a deal though really- just a thought)

Not sure I’m following… Can you explain with a screenshot maybe?

The element for this workflow is Poster Username (Text) and the action is Trigger User Profile

But: because I have a few element that do this same thing (Trigger Profile) - it would be convenient if i could select:
Element > "Poster Username (text) OR "Commenter’s Username OR “Username (searchbar)
So that way - if either one of those 3 elements is clicked - it would execute that workflow.

Maybe a ‘+’ icon beside the word element - to add a new dropdown - so that Bubble users could add another trigger for that workflow…?

Like I say though - not an immediate issue. I’d be curious to know if any other users would find this useful.