Adding parenthesis to mathematical operations

I am trying to implement a system for users to buy credits, and by purchasing credits their current credit amount in the data would increase.

Here is how I have it set currently in the workflow:

As of now it is multiplying by 85 at the end of operation after doing the adding. I want it to multiply (input_quantity quantity’s *85) then add it on top of the users current credits.

But when I try to insert parenthesis into this, it won’t function. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi there, @artistdata22… enable the experimental parentheses feature and give it a shot.


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First… turn on the Experimental Parenthesis feature in your app (on the versions tab of your app settings)…

Then, you can do exactly as you’re trying to do (i.e. Current User's Credit + (Input_Quantity's Quantity * 85)

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thank u friends got it working now.

good feature

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