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Adding/removing search criteria dynamically

I am trying to create a search page with a search box and a couple of filters as checkboxes. The search field populates a repeating group’s “Do Search”, and I need the checkboxes to work in the following fashion:

When checkbox1 is checked, show only results with field1=true. Otherwise show all results. Same for checkbox2 and checkbox3. In other words, add the criteria corresponding to the checkbox only when it’s checked, otherwise remove the criteria from the search.

I was able to do this on each checkbox independently in the workflow by detecting a value change and creating a new search with the criteria added, but I cannot combine all 3.

What’s the best way to go about dynamically adding/removing a search criteria that populates a repeating group?


I’m not sure I totally understand what you’re trying to do, and I think a few screenshots might be needed, but have you tried using the filtering option? So your RG has a Do Search as it’s data source then you set conditions on the RG that change its data source filter based on which checkboxes are checked. You may have to set a condition for each possible combination of the three checkboxes, so 8 conditions in total I think. Chk1 On and Chk2 Off and Chk3 Off, Chk1 On and Ch2 On and Chk3 Off etc