Adding results of a repeating group to a data type

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One of my pages has 2 repeating groups. One returns a list of users, fish caught and points awarded for that fish. The second then sums up the points by angler. How do I save this summed up value to a data type “Summed Points”?

Open Session with repeating groups

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Hello again!

You can do that with database triggers

Something like:

  1. Fish caught before change is empty and now is not empty’ (this is iterpreted as ‘when a new fish caught is created’)
  2. make a change in current user --total points == do a search of every fish caught for this user and sum the points)

This appears to Backend Database Triggers and sadly I do not have access to them.

also, you could do that everytime you create a new fishing registry, update current user total points, doing a search of every fish for this user, and sum them up to get the total. You should repeat the same when editing/deleting a registry

Is there a way of doing this without having access to the Backend Workflows?

You can do this without backend workflows!


Angler fills form with fish → [SAVE BUTTON] → WF: Create a new fish caught → Make changes to current page Session’s summed ponts = (Do a search for All fish caught with constraint: current page session) : sum points for each.

I would change this field inside fish caught to ‘Session’ as a relation not as a text

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