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I suspect there is probably a simple solution to the problem i’m having - I have a RG grid and would like to add a title block inside the space of the first RG’s entry. I had thought I could have a conditional element inside the RG entry which says if it’s the first entry then show the title block, but then I need to offset the RG to still show all the entries rather than covering one up which I’m not familiar with how to do.

Or am I overcomplicating it and there’s a much simpler way to do it?

Mockup attached in case I have not described the issue particularly clearly.

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Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 09.54.56|690x355

Use toolbox plugin to create a list of numbers.

Create a list of numbers with:

  • start: 1
  • length: search for YOURITEMs:count+1
  • increment: 1

Set up the RG with

  • Type of content: number
  • Data source: your list of numbers
  • Group to place the title block: not visible on page load, visible if Current cell's number is 1
  • Group to place your entries: not visible on page load, visible if Current cell's number > 1
  • To offset the entries: Place a Group number (not visible on page load) inside the RG to calculate the index for the entries with Type of content: number and Data source: Current cell's number - 1and then for the Group to place your entries: Type of content: YOURITEM and Data source Search for YOURITEMs:item#Group number's number

I hope it helps.

That worked great, thanks for the thorough response, it really helped! I need to better understand the toolbox plugin as it seems an incredibly popular and useful tool.

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