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Adding the days total for the week

Hi Bubblers,

I’m stuck and was hoping someone may be able to help?
I’m trying to add up the “Day Total” for each day of this week (for Jane) which would be 1.1 hours. Here is my data base setup. Day total is an integer, Date of hrs is a date.

And here is an image of the calendar (I’m using the RG calendar) with some notes.

And some screen shots of what I’ve tried.

  1. Time Entry’s to date (of total hours), so Im able to get all entry’s by a user (but I only need this week and these are not added together)
  2. Number of Entry’s
  3. Total hours of all dates

Using TimeEntrys:each item's Day total:sum gets me really close because it is adding up all of the day totals ever entered but I only need the day totals for this week. And I can’t figure it out…

Oh and I do have access to Calendar Week A’s First day / Last day etc. from the RG Calendar but by using this I haven’t been able to get a number probably because its a date? and usually causes the text field to turn blank.

So close and yet so far away :slight_smile:

I was dancing all around it :smiley: and finally figured it out and am very happy! The Inspect button is a new friend!