Adding the results of dynamic data into Javascript can it be done?

Hi All

I have a challenge which I need help to find out how to integrate the results of dynamic data into javascript.

First off I have limited knowledge of javascript other than I can work out what is happening and with a bit of work could probably figure it out if I knew the direction to go in. It’s a simple thing but I have no doubt it’s not a simple solution.

I want to be able to take the results of a dynamic data and add it to a script as a number to display in a chart.

Below is an image of a script and I have highlighted what I want to do. I can not add the bubble expression/script into the javascript as it has no meaning to the script, but is there a way to do this?

Any direction guidance would be appreciated and could possibly help others looking for better charting solution!

Thank you!!

AH it was easier than I thought - You just put it in there and it works!

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