Adding things withing a dynamic list

i am trying to setup a page where vendors create their business. I am looking to enable businesses to setup their hours like yelp does on the following link Thinking about how to approach this. Not sure what to really search for either on the forum.

Thank you for the Help!

you could build that easily, what have you tried so far, what are you stuck with exactly?
Have you constructed your database yet?
You will have a button like save/update/ create and clicking this will create a new business (thing).

This is core to bubble, maybe try the tutorials if you havent already

Yeah, I think my issue at the moment is how to go about saving this information in a database, so i may have misclassified this…

Here’s what I currently Have, for saving the hours, would I just simply use a date range? and then have multiple entries?

yeah just like that but do you want to name these date-ranges also?

Name those Entries? Like Monday? Tuesday? err? What’s in your mind?


also here’s what I have at the moment
and I am not sure how to go about the repeating group after you click adding hours

nope, could name them something like
holiday hours
off peak

But if you did want to do that, you make hours a separate type with name and daterange.
Then create a field on the business of hours - list of date-range

So I would need to setup a separate data-type that becomes specific to the business? I am not sure how to execute that or tied the two types together

oh, i missed your edit,
so you dont understand how to attach your data to the business right?
Im not sure exactly what youre asking.
I think your date range doesnt need a name really, the day itself is a name.
I will make a quick demo for you

if you give me a couple hours, i will make something awesome for you, im recreating the yelp page exactly but using group focus and input for drop downs!!

preview: ,


Awesome! I followed what you setup and added that to my page. Now the only issue I have is saving the list of Open Times information to Businesses Profiles

so you have a workflow, create new thing/business as action or step one.

Then in step two you can attach those hours to the business,

make changes to a thing, result of step one.

I do have that workflow but not sure how to store the times correctly

when hours are created save them to current user, this saves on cookies/ locally
(if you dont force sign up to get to this page)

Then you add current users hours for creating business.

This is awesome, how would I go about showing an Icon that indicates “now open” according to the business hours? Or for instance let’s say you’re serving breakfast between 8am and 11am, you want to display “Now serving Breakfast”…

set a condition on your icon, if current date and time <–range–> this element is visible

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