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Add timeline to the person’s profile when they click to go to the profile. I would like to add timeline in my application, I’m not really sure how I can do this. There will be a page to promote featured users, so in this case you would need a searchbox to search for the user, an input to put the reason users are being promoted and a button as soon as the user clicks to promote, that promotion will stay in user profile that the promoter mentioned for promotion. All users who view the promoted profile will be able to see that it has been promoted and should be there the name of the person from whom promoted it.

Break down your requirements step by step, this is done the same way when creating the workflows and conditional statements for it.

First write down what you want, then see how you can put it together.

Like this?

all very possible, you will need to establish how the users are promoted, do they have similar text in their bio, do they have shared locations etc etc, its good to draw designs out first.

I will leave an image here to get a sense of what I am trying to say and to understand better what I am trying to say.

You need a plugin for that. Although you can build a crud approximation using a repeating group.

Can you tell me the name of the plugin?

Currently there are none! Would love to help you build one. PM me

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You can do something like this with repeating groups. The main field you’ll need is a date/time field to sort the repeating group on.

I can post an example tomorrow, but this is fairly easy to accomplish.

I would be grateful if you would post an example that I can follow.

Here’s an example

This is how it looks in the designer

Although mine has the icons on the left, you could also achieve something similar to your example.

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