Adding up total time from individual time spent entries

I have a database for tasks with associated entries for time spent on tasks which is calculated using the time picker and working correctly.
I am looking to sum up the time a user has spent doing tasks, the information I am working with in the DB is task, created by and user (this is task creator), and time spent. The tasks are associated with a project.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. For reference I have attached a screenshot of the DB table.

For where you want to display the total time:

Display as text (Do a search for tasks where user/creator = current user and project=current project or whatever you want):each item’s time spent:sum. This will display the total minutes.

Now, perhaps you want to display it as HH:MM. You need a bit of math to sort this out. To calculate HH, run the same search as above / 60:floor. This gives us the total hours rounded down. To get MM, run the same search as above ← modulo → 60. This gives the reminder of the above calculation. Separate these two dynamic values with a : to give the HH:MM.

However, when the minutes is 1-9, it will display 1:9 instead of 1:09 for example. To fix this, add a conditional that changes the text when the search’s ← modulo → 60 < 10 and add a text 0 after the colon.

Thank you so much George that worked perfectly for the hrs.

I have copied the expression
‘Search for Project Tasks:each item’s Time Spent:sum/60:floor<-modulo->60’ but i am not getting minutes now

i am getting the decimal point like the following

You shouldn’t have /60:floor for the minutes expression.

We want Search:sum ← modulo → 60. This means take our search, sum all of the minutes, divide by 60 and output the remainder.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 12.20.55

It seems to be adding the extra 20 minutes in the second expression

Could you show both the expressions for the 0:20 and Minutes text?

Ensure all of your search constraints are correct too e.g that all searches are filtering only for current user and current project.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 12.53.54
Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 12.53.46
Here they are, thanks George.

Btw where did you learn expressions from, was it a case of learning by fire or is there a specific manual video you would recommend?

yes there was a mistake in the filter, its fixed now, thanks very much george

I am not really a Bubble expert or anything. I built two (of the same) app prototypes and am now working on my third which should hopefully be a product (it’s an aviation group management system). I created the first two just to learn how it all works. I learned by doing. Buildcamp courses are great, and Youtube is your friend. The forums are also good - for every question I ask I try to answer at least a couple of others so that I can pay it forward.

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i definitely intend to do the same thing once i have enough knowledge. Big fan of buildcamp too.

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