Adding users to a group -FIXED

Hi all, I am really stuck and everything I have read doesn’t seem to help. I think this is pretty basic but I just cannot get my head around it.

I have a table called VenueUsers where I want to assign users to this venue to allow them to create new events. I have the logic to add the user to the table, as seen below:

I am loading the venue into my popup

This is working, I am seeing the details. I then click users which I am trying to load all the users found in my VenueUsers database.

with the repeating table looking at users table using the current cells user, from the joins above.


This is as far as I’ve got, below. I just cannot seem to make the join work.

I feel like I am missing something fundamental.

Any help or a point to some good documentation I can use to learn this would be great.