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Additional Bubble forum sub categories

I would like to ask Bubble why there is not a forum sub category dealing with topics like Ethics, Professionalism or Human-to-Human relations?

With so many varied skill sets to choose from, I would think really good people would love to share what makes them great and provide good advice others can use.

I’m not speaking about giving away free stuff or even nudging someone toward a specific direction. Rather, I’m thinking along the lines of practical solid advice that keeps a project moving when having to deal with others. Issues like overcoming language barriers, cultural traits or event being threatened or taken advantage of. By threatened I don’t mean actual physical abuse but rather doing things that purposefully delay a project and cause monetary damages to a company unnecessarily.

In a few recent conversations, I found that people who have a genuine interest in helping others aren’t afraid to come out of the wood work and unexpectedly offer advice and insight. I think such offerings of goodwill can provide enormous value in lots of ways. Especially to the community. Things that at the end of the day can bring focus into a project or understanding why things are done the way they are.

When you explore the forum topics in detail you can start to make out who’s who. You can even connect the dots between people and realize the relationships they have amongst each other.

It would be beneficial to have a category where such stars can come out and shine their brightest while helping others benefit from their expertise and wisdom.

What do you think?

In my opinion, you hit the nail on the head right there, John, and I don’t think a forum sub-category could come close to replacing one’s own due diligence when it comes to figuring out who’s who. For example, there is a particular agency that posts in the forum from time to time, and I am convinced they are, um, let’s just say not necessarily legit. I have this opinion because I read a lot of forum posts, I pay attention, and I have (as you so perfectly put it) connected the dots. True, most folks don’t spend a ton of time (nor should they) reading forum posts all day. However, if you are about to spend your hard-earned money to hire someone to help you with Bubble-related stuff, you should spend hours/days going super deep in the forum because it’s a treasure trove of information, and it’s right there at your fingertips. If someone chooses not to take advantage of that information before they spend their money, I personally think that’s on them, and a new forum sub-category isn’t going to help with that.

Anyway, just one person’s opinion there. I hope you have been getting the help you need on your project, man. Anything related to dogs is a-okay in my book.


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