Additional Developer for eSports Site

This is a little bit of an odd request because this would be a fairly permanent position. I am looking for a developer/partner to continue developing a new eSports website that has gotten quite a bit of attention from names in the industry.

I am looking for someone with some knowledge of the eSports scene and extensive bubble development work and some js knowledge. Please contact me for more details and we can talk! :grinning:

Hi Michael,

I could surely assist you.

Please reach me at anna(dot)cis23(at)gmail(dot)com or S-K-Y-P-E:cis(dot)am2 for further discussion. I assure the price will be very reasonable.

Hoping for prompt response.

Best Regards,

Hi Michael,

Sent you a PM. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Right now I’m also looking for a person who could try himself in the development of a project related to esports. Now my friends and I are opening a service for analyzing esports professional matches in various disciplines. We decided to do this after getting carried away with betting on esports on to the games we’ve played since we were kids.
If you know a lot about esports competitions , tournaments, and professional computer games in general, then we will be happy to talk to you !!!
Thank you in advance, I hope for feedback!!! ( Interested in games such as CS GO, DOTA2, Velorent , Overwatch, Pub, Lol and so on )

@khrapkove Do you just blindly copy and paste whenever there’s a Jobs/Freelance post? You already replied the same thing above a few days ago?


And on a post that is 3 years old!


Lmao true

Where i can find vacancy like this?I am really interested .E-sport is developing so fast its increadable. It creates a lot of jobs and oportunuties . I have been working in E-SPORT for 10 years(startet from Quaqe and now Dota) and i am really happy. My favourite place was at where i could even take free skins and then sell . In the next 10 years E-sport will be bigger then Basketball or maybe even football . So yeah , good luck with your with your E-sports website because competition in this sphere is getting biger and bigger .

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