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Additional_sort_fields error

Hi, I have an endpoint called price. I want to sort data from this end point using two fields: productCode and categoryIndex. ProductCode is the primary sort field and its working fine. But when I add additional field as per bubble reference guidelines I get below error
{“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“INVALID_DATA”,“message”:“Issue with data for endpoint price: undefined cannot be parsed as a JSON”}}

Where could the problem be?

@simon7 can you help me out here please.

Hi, sorry for late reply, am on maternity leave these days so not at a computer. Haven’t used sort/additional sort yet so can’t help out right now.

Edit just reread documentation and as I read it your parameter needs to be “sort_field” and the value needs to be additional_sort_field: [{…}}]

Hi both,

Did you get this issue resolved as I also get a 404 if I try and use the sort_field parameter with an additional_sort_field: [{…}] value.