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Addresses cause infinite loop of frustration

Ok please bear with me on this one.

Im stuck in an infinite loop of addresses frustration. This is the setup:

I have a Type Locations, a Type Quote and a Type Logistics.

Locations holds addresses
Quotes holds quotes and uses a dropdown with Locations to choose the right Location for each quote. The quotes are separated with unique numbers. Since quotes are compiled of a lot of services, there isnt just one ‘Quote’ but instead a whole bunch that form a single quote as presented to the client. With the unique identifier, I can filter out just the Locations and Price for that particular quote.

For Logistics I need just one or two (depending on how many quotes there are and how many have been accepted) things created. There is some data from the quote (like quote number and name) and there is some data from Location (the addresses and type of addresses)

There are two problems:

I present the quotes in a table to the client and use the following input to display Locations:

The origin address you see there is actually a Location stored in the Quotes object.
The field in the Logistics type it should populate is of ‘geographical address’.
The problem is that the address doesn’t save. It doesn’t save it probably because it doesn’t recognize it as being a valid geographical address and I think that is because of the language issue. When I save something it is saved in Dutch (and I created a topic about this problem that seems to be very difficult to solve). But when the address is saved in English, it will recognize and create the entry.

The other issue is that when I want to actually select a Location, it wont allow because this is clearly not a location but a geographical address. Same with content format Text.

But, rejoice, I found a workaround. Instead of the standard input field, I used a dropdown to display the locations:

The default value actually allows me to select the Location through the Quotes object. This populates the Logistics perfectly.

BUT, the input field is a dropdown and no matter how I change the styles, it will still display the dropdown caret. :’(

Hence the infinite loop of frustration…

If this setup doesn’t work in the end I might need to look at combining the Locations and Quotes objects, but there are a couple of reasons why they are not the same thing…

Sory for not sharing the app. I know this makes it harder to provide input but at this point I’m just not feeling comfortable sharing everything about my app while its still in development.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Hi Vincent,

How are you having issues saving a geographical address? I am using an Address, Postal Code and City and all are saved in dutch. As far as I have seen so far the Geographical address saves are in a Google Maps format. So if you can find it on google maps with the string you’re saving, you can save it in Bubble.

What I did is create 3 different inputs, all as text in the format “Adres, Postcode, Plaats”, and it seems to work every time for every single address I try to punch in. Then I have one “hidden input” where I combine all 3, and save that hidden input as a “location field” which contains the geographical location.

I am not quite sure what you mean with the ‘selecting a location’ issue that you’re having, as I have not worked in Bubble for that long. Just trying to give my 2 cents of what I have done so far, since I am also saving dutch strings into Bubble. Basically just trying to help out :wink:


Thanks for the reply. I had your setup first too, but then decided that its easier for clients to just start typing in one input field and select whatever comes up. sometimes its just a city, sometimes its a full address.

A night’s sleep and having written everything out, I decided to recreate the issue in the forum app:

I found out that there were no issues at all in this simplified version. One major thing here is that the quotes are always 1 whereas in my app there are dozens. That made it hard to put the sum of one quote in a repeating group, but i tried again this morning and got it to work.

So referring to a geographical address in an object that in itself is referring to an address in another object is possible. I still dont get why addresses in english were saved whereas the ones in dutch werent. But i think im in a good spot now!

Makes me wonder if there are more dutch people on the forum and if it would make sense to organize a meetup to discuss the platform, issues and share practices? Might be worth a topic.

Thanks again.

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Glad you got it worked out, even if I didn’t really help in any way :wink:

Where in The Netherlands are you located? It’s always interesting to speak more with people that have great ideas, and are willing to collaborate. :slight_smile:


Well the geographical address issue is still there. It’s not possible yet to set a default language for all the addresses stored in the system. They are stored based on the user’s google settings.

I am in the Randstad. I saw your website, it seems like you’re based in Steenwijk. My guess is you’ll be using Bubble to mockup/test user IT systems? I see you also do trainings and user enablement so in that sense developing stuff on Bubble seems to make a lot of sense.

I think the platform has a lot of potential, especially in helping small and mid size companies make their IT systems less complicated.

As you saw, i created the dutch meetup topic so let’s see if there are some more!