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Adhoc Skype Support

Hi All,

I am currently in the process of building an app and really enjoying the whole process therefore I do not want to subcontract the entire app development but I wondered if there is anyone in the Bubble community who will offer adhoc Skype support and bill by the hour? Also when required remotely login over teamviewer and assist where possible.

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can you give some hint on what the app is about (not describe it here if you don’t want to)?

Yes, it is a digital market place that allows one user group (customers) to consume services from another user group (merchants), there are a number of components to the app, the main workflows I am struggling with a little bit is where a customer can search for local merchants based on their calendar availability and book an appointment (the merchants will update their calendar themselves). Other components are search functionality for recommended places and allow small businesses to use the platform to sell their products.

Does that help?

do you store the calendar in Bubble or externally?

Hi Jamie! I could do that, please check some feedback about me at this thread: - Reach out if you need help creating something on Bubble
I have checked your description and your current challenges, some more information would be needed from you.
would you like to discuss?

Currently going to be stored in Bubble and each merchant has their own.

Hi Levon,

Sounds brill, can we set up a Skype call to go through what I am building and discuss next steps?



Hi Jamie,
of course,
can you please send me a direct message with your skype ID, preferred time for a call and also the link to your public app (if you already started building something).