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Adjust Page Group Height Based on Inner Group Heights

Hi I am building a mobile app and this has been driving me nuts for days now. I have read multiple forum articles siting possible solutions and I have tried many but none to my success. I am trying to adjust my page height so I don’t have this long scrolling effect. I am thinking I need a way to adjust page height based on the content inside of the page.

When I created the first page it originally changed the page height dynamically based on whether or not a group was open or closed. Everywhere I can I check the “collapse element height when hidden” option.

How do i set up a single page app so that it does not create extra space at the bottom when scrolling?

I saw @fayewatson 's floating group solution but couldn’t figure out how to get it to work for my page.

This is case-specific. Sharing your setup can help us diagnose the problem. You can usually find the culprit with overlapping elements, as long as all your groups at the base level have collapse element height when hidden.

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Thanks Duke how would I share my set up?

Here is a screen shot of the app borders.

@J805 just for reference Jason was able to answer my question here. Understanding Vertical Scrolling Elements in Bubble