Adjust the height of Video.js plugin accordingly to a fixed width


I found the free Video.js plugin created by @no-code-co. Unfortunately, it came without the option that adjusts the height to maintain the aspect ratio of the video. Through the research and the tests that I have done, I have to play with the dimension of the canvas. So my question is how?

plugin code page

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Talking about my latest progress, I found a method to change the dimensions of the canvas using the plugin editor. First I assigned an ID attribute to the element (canva in my case), then inside the plugin editor, I add these lines to the update tab with a height of 200px. such a twisted method but it works. =$("#" + "canva"); 
 //   *** height of objects ***;

my problem now is how to get the height of the video?
Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance,

I believe videoJS has a method to return the actual video height.
If you’re recording the element ID then you can run a line like this to grab the height…


Or maybe enabling Fluid mode or even setting the object-fit CSS property will overflow the video to fill the container perhaps.