Adjusting page height when switch between Custom States


How do you adjust the page’s height when switching between sections of the same page (made via custom states)?

I’ve tried collapsing the element when hidden but becaue this element is twice the height of the other main sections, it leaves a large area beneath it which is empty when switched out fo another section of the page.


Not only do you need to set each group to 'collapse height when hidden;, but you need to ensure your page is setup with all your groups stacked vertically, one above the other, with no overlapping (even a single pixel overlap will mess up the page height).

So make sure you don’t have all your groups in the same place (i.e. on top of one another on the page), but rather the second group should be placed directly below the first, the third directly below the second, and so on.

That will ensure that page height always adjusts to the content displayed on the screen.

Ohhhh, okay yep that makes sense. Thanks Adam!!

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So, instead of something like this (which will leave white space at the bottom of the screen when then blue group is shown and then hidden)…

The layout needs to be like this…

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