Admin and client pricing question

Hi, I’m just starting with bubble, and I’m trying to work out costs.

I need to build a separate admin and client app for a customer, and am not sure how much I’m going to have to pay?

Would I have to pay twice because there are 2x apps?



Actually, it’s possible that I might not need to build two separate apps if bubble allows me to build both administration and end user functionality into the same app?


Yep - you just need one app!

All you have to do is build an admin dashboard. Add a data field under the user data type, something like “isAdmin?” (yes/no). When that field is ‘yes’, you can take your users to the admin page. Otherwise, you can navigate them away from it.

Does that make sense?


Nice, so I would only need to pay to pay $29 a month for the functionality I need.


Yes that is correct @richard.mace

A good practise is to create a new data-type called Account > you can then assign user(s) to an account and control privileges based on the account name/type. e.g. have an Account for Admin, Moderator, Manager, Developer, User etc… all of which can be pulled from the DB and privacy records can be set.

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