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Admin approval process prior to publishing changes

Hi Team,

I was wondering if anyone has come across the following requirement and would like to know your ideas.

I need to implement a process whereby admin approval must be given before changes are published.

As an example, in my app, I need to be able to approve changes made by users to their advertised Venues (thing) before being published?

any ideas how I can achieve this?

thanks in advance

I put a field on the thing called “Publish State.” When the initial creator hits the submit for approval button, I’d change the DB entry to say Publish State = Waiting for Approval.

For the admin, have a repeating group that is searching for things, but only displays things where Publish State = Waiting for Approval. Then, they can have the option to change the state to “Published.”

Wherever the main area of your site is, you’d load those things only if they have Publish State = Published.

It’s hard to describe this without seeing what you’ve got set up, but this is how I’ve done it on my stuff.

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This is one of the reasons we chose as a back end where we have a lot of content that needs updating, approving etc

thanks @potentialthings

I get your idea and I have got a similar setup when the Thing is initially created, an admin approval is required before being published.

The requirement here is that when there are updates to the Thing, we need to ensure that it continues to be live and thus applying the updates once it has been reviewed and approved by an admin. This is where I am struggling at the moment.

thanks @NigelG

I’ve never heard of Contentful and from a brief read on their website I need help to understand it, in brief how would Contentful work if the data/backed sits within Bubble? does it mean moving to Contentful?


Yes, it means moving your editable content to Contentful and then using the API connector to pull it back.

Not ideal, but Contentful has all the CMS style editing functions out of the box.

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