Admin Approve New Users

Hi…New to Bubble…sorry… :slight_smile:
I am tryint to set up a system as follows…

  1. App will be used by multiple clubs
  2. Admin signs up and creates club profile
    a. Admin is set as admin = ‘yes’ in Type Users
    b. Club info sent to Type specifically for clubs AND Club name is added to Type Users
  3. User signs up
    a. Allowed field in Type Users is set to ‘no’ by default.
    b. logic in place to stop them accessing pages whilst allowed = ‘no’
  4. Have created admin dashboard page and set a repeating group to show email addresses of users where allowed = ‘no’ but it does not display any results.
  5. If I remove the allowed = ‘no’ condition then it only displays the email address of the current admin logged in where I would think it should show email addresses of ALL of the users??
    The repaeating group is set as follows:- Type of content = Users, Data Source = Search for Users
    Text box inside repeating group is set as follows :- Current cell’s user’s email

To keep things simple I have kept the data set to 1 club for now with 3 users (1 x admin, 1 member allowed = ‘yes’, 1 member allowed = ‘no’

Any advice gratefully received…Thanks


I think I have worked it out…

I needed to create a new Privacy rule allowing admin users to view all users where Current User’s Club is same as This Users Club…
Current User’s admin is “yes” and Current User’s club is This User’s club