Admin Dashboard with native app

I would like to create a desktop admin dashboard that communicates with my native app. It is my understanding that a native app cannot contain a desktop sized page. Can I successfully add an admin dashboard within my native app, or will I need to create it separately and extract data from my native app?

My end goal is to have the app available for download for iOS and Android, and to have a dashboard to access data from the app.

Thanks in advance for suggestions and advice!!

If you make the “desktop sized page” responsive it can successfully show all the data on the native app.

If your page looks like this on desktop:


On mobile it can shift to look like this:


The responsiveness isn’t my issue. I was obviously overthinking it.

I believe that I simply need to not check the “native app” box for the dashboard page. Does that sound correct? Then my app could be published, and I could access the dashboard on my computer.

Ah I understand now.

I’m not sure about that native app button. I use this for native apps if you haven’t started your project yet:

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